When I am not making side projects I like to spend time looking at accessibility in games and what that might mean for hobbyists of solo developers who want to make meaningful impacts to their products in a cost effective way.

I have been fortunate to present a number of talks on the subject of accessibility including live demos for build-time Text-To-Speech in Unity games and the Xbox Adaptive Controller and it's use cases for both users and developers.

I' have also started spending time working on tools and utilities that can help you visualize or test for common use cases as part of your creative workflow. They are all bundled below to keep them easy to find.

Three.js Colorblind Shaders

Free JavaScript Utility

In Chrome 83 the developer tools were updated to provide different colorblind options when rendering your web-page. This is super useful, but I had also wanted an excuse to learn to write shaders and Chrome only supported 4 of the major colorblind modes.

If you are using three.js you now have the option to apply these materials directly to your objects as part of your debugging / development cycle and change colorblind modes as necessary to make sure your textures are clear to all the users of your 3D experiences in the browser.

Unity WCAG Contrast Checker

Free Unity Package

Examples of Unity Editor Window
Dockable window for Unity Editor to test WCAG

The Unity WCAG Contrast checker is a simple dockable Unity Editor Window that allows for developers to check colours in their scene to see if they pass the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines without leaving their editor.