Heaps Good Dev was started with a goal to build a community for people who are interested in software development and technology. We want to provide a fun, welcoming and professional environment for everybody. In addition to being a fun place to chat we are also tech agnostic which means our community is generally full of great conversation and you can get help with most of your queries in our Slack.

A huge thanks to the other co-organisers Dan and Jakob for giving me this opportunity and believing I'm capable of helping organise community events.

As a co-organiser I am responsible for coming up with event ideas and being on the look out for cool things that our community members may love. If you think there is something you would love us to do then make sure you contact us at one of the links below.

If you would like to get in touch you can do so through the social links on my homepage or directly to heaps good dev below.

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